placeholder description for my diary page. ill update this occasionally, and ill add more to this window so that it doesnt look empty soon enough. still learning html but ill see what i can do to make it look more interesting in the near future

march 29, 2023 @ 8:49pm

first post on the "diary" section of my site. i didn't go to class today (i usually don't on days when i have my 9am's...), but i hung out in the student union for a few hours while i worked on my neocities. html is surprisingly easy, and actually really fun! im enjoying it a lot. anyway, not much else happened today besides that. i don't have any assignments due until friday night, so i have tonight and tomorrow night to relax (procrastinate)

i feel like this is a decent first diary post. ill probably keep updating this site, we'll seeeee :3